The family applictions for loading firmware of Stm32 is upgraded.

Support of Motorola S-Record file format is added for next application

StLinkP version 0.39

StmDfuUsb version 1.02

StmDfuBlue version 1.12

Our family of android application for loading firmware on Stm32 has enlargement. New application StmDfuUsb is published on GooglePlay. It use embedded bootloader of Stm32 for loading firmware via USB. All you need for working is just your smarphone coonected with cpu board via USB-OTG cable.

Good news for whom wait for supporting of raw binary files from StLinkP.

Starting from release 0.35 you can keep your firmware in raw binary files and upload it on Stm32 CPU without converting its to Intel HEX format.

If you want select firmware in binary format then you need select desired file format at right bottom corner of OpenFileDialog activity

OpenFile ChangeFormatOpenFile Bin

On main activity you can see label that show format of current selected file.

Main BinFile



This update has been inspired by feedback from nurdin tegar


Please leave your feedback. We can make StLinkP better together)

New version of StLinkP application was published on GooglePlay

Release 0.34

Supporting of Stm32G0 series is completed by option bytes programming.

New version of StmDfuBlue application was published on GooglePlay

Release 1.04

Supporting of Stm32G0 series is added.

Alignment of firware file to 8 bytes was added for Stm32G0 and Stm32L4 series.

Application was tested on Nucleo64-G071 board.