StLinkP is android application for programming Stm32 microcontrollers via programmer St-Link.

If you need update firmware of your Stm32 with just only your smartphone and St-Link programmer then the StLinkP is application for you.

StLinkP and BluePill
Programming BluePill board by using china clone of St-Link


Using the application


For using application you need next things

1. Smartphone with Android OS.

2. St-Link programmer (original or china analog)

3. OTG Usb cable for connecting St-Link to your smarphone

4. Firmware that previously is loaded onto your smartphone. 

Firmware must be one of the next supported file format

  • Intel Hex
  • Motorola S-Record
  • Raw binary


Supported Stm32 families

The work of application is checked on next stm32 families
- STM32F05x/F030x8
- STM32F07x
- STM32F10xx Medium-density
- STM32L05x/L06x/L010
- STM32L100x8/L15xx8
- STM32F301x4-x6-x8/F302x4-x6-x8/F318xx
- STM32F401xE
- STM32F405xx/407xx
- STM32F74x/F75x
- STM32F415xx/417xx
- STM32L43x
- STM32G0x1
- STM32G47x/G48x

The absence of any stm32 family in this list does not mean that application will not be work. May be it will work but may be not.


How to

 How to set the load address for firmware from raw binary format file

 How to remove readout or write protection


Download APK

If you by some reason can not install my the application from GooglePlay market. Here is link on downloading APK.

Download StlinkP APK version 0.71a 

Download StlinkP APK version 0.74 

Download StlinkP APK version 0.77 Possibility to work with several connected St-Link is added


Make help in the development of the project.

I continue to develope the StLinkP application. So when I get any stm32 cpu to my hands I check the application with it and if it is need I make some corrections to the application.

So If you want to add the support of some CPU that is not in checked list yet then you can send me a board with this CPU by post.

My Post address:

Yaroslav Trymbach

Velyka Vasylkivska street 112 flat 85

Kyiv, Ukrane 03150


If you have some questions or propositions your can write me by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Get it on Google Play

Some useful information for Stm32 program developers