Some information that can be usefull for developer.

Table 1. Core by Series

Stm32F0 Cortex-M0
Stm32F1 Cortex-M3
Stm32F2 Cortex-M3
Stm32F3 Cortex-M4
Stm32F4 Cortex-M4
Stm32F7 Cortex-M7
Stm32G0 Cortex-M0+
Stm32G4 Cortex-M4
Stm32H7 Cortex-M7
Stm32L0 Cortex-M0+
Stm32L1 Cortex-M3
Stm32L4 Cortex-M4
Stm32L4+ Cortex-M4
Stm32L5 Cortex-M33
Stm32MP1 ?
Stm32WB Cortex-M0+
Stm32WL ?
Stm32U5 Cortex-M33


Processor Cortex-M0+ implements the ARMv6-M architecture.

ARMv6-M architecture does not support 

  • an Instrumental Trace Macrocell (ITM)


Processor Cortex-M4 implements the ARMv7-M architecture.