At China online shops you can buy such USB-to-CAN adapter.

robotell adapter

It is some problems to get software for this adapter.

Some sites have links to the china application for work with adapter. But this application on Chinese.

So I decided to write my own CAN bus monitor for Windows OS.


The application

RobotellCanMonitor is windows application for monitoring activity on CAN-bus via USB-to-CAN adapter Robotell.

RobotellCanMonitor main

The application don't need installation.

It has two view modes for monitoring frames that passed on CAN bus

- Table Mode - The frames with equal ID is grouped in single record of table. Every record show the general count of received frames and their period.

- Trace Mode - Show every frames that received aparently.


Download RobotellCanMonitor version 0.99



It is also available the version of RobotellCanMonitor for some other types of USB-to-CAN adapters. Link here.