New release of the application StmDfuUsb is published on market GooglePlay. Version 1.11.

Starting with this version you have the ability to set readout protection on a microcontroller.

You can do this with two methods.


Method #1. As single operation.

You can perform setting of readout protection as single operation. To do this, go to the menu and select item "Set redout protection". Then confirm the operation.

Select menu item
select menu item
Confirm operation
confirm operation


Method #2. As option in the write firmware operation.

You can include the operation of setting readout protection in the process of write firmware. To do this click the button "Settings" on the main activity of the application. In the activity that will be appeared you should set option "Set readout protection" and click the button "Apply". Now, when you shall be write new firmware then after completing all the necessary operation on the microcontreller will be set readout protection.

click button
click button "Settings"
check option
check option

As result of setting readout protection you will see the special indication on the main activity of the application.