I've created the table for quick checking if usb dfu bootloading is supported by some stm32 device.

The table is created on base of the application note AN2606 "STM32 microcontroller system memory boot mode"

For every model of stm32 microcontroller the table indicate if dfu usb bootloading is supported or not.



Usb dfu


Stm32F0 STM32F05xxx/STM32F030x8 No  
STM32F03xx4/6 No  
STM32F030xC No  
STM32F04xxx Yes  
STM32F071xx/072xx Yes  
STM32F070x6 Yes  
STM32F070xB Yes  
STM32F09xxx No  
Stm32F1 STM32F10xxx No  
STM32F105xx/107xx Yes  
STM32F10xxx XL-density No  
Stm32F2 STM32F2xxxx Yes Only for bootloader version V3.x
Stm32F3 STM32F373xx Yes  
STM32F378xx No  
STM32F302xB(C)/303xB(C) Yes  
STM32F358xx No  
STM32F301xx/302x4(6/8) Yes  
STM32F318xx No  
STM32F302xD(E)/303xD(E) Yes  
STM32F303x4(6/8)/334xx/328xx No  
STM32F398xx No  
Stm32F4 STM32F40xxx/41xxx Yes  
STM32F42xxx/43xxx Yes  
STM32F401xB(C) Yes  
STM32F401xD(E) Yes  
STM32F410xx No  
STM32F411xx Yes  
STM32F412xx Yes  
STM32F413xx/423xx Yes  
STM32F446xx Yes  
STM32F469xx/479xx Yes  
Stm32F7 STM32F72xxx/73xxx Yes  
STM32F74xxx/75xxx Yes  
STM32F76xxx/77xxx Yes  
Stm32G0 STM32G07xxx/08xxx No  
STM32G03xxx/04xxx No  
Stm32G4 STM32G431xx/441xx Yes  
STM32G47xxx/48xxx Yes  
Stm32H7 STM32H72xxx/73xxx Yes  
STM32H74xxx/75xxx Yes  
STM32H7A3xx/B3xx Yes  
Stm32L0 STM32L01xxx/02xxx No  
STM32L031xx/041xx No  
STM32L05xxx/06xxx No  
STM32L071xx/081xx No  
STM32L072xx/073xx/082xx/083xx Yes  
Stm32L1 STM32L1xxx6(8/B) No  
STM32L1xxx6(8/B)A No  
STM32L1xxxC Yes  
STM32L1xxxD Yes  
STM32L1xxxE Yes  
Stm32L4 STM32L412xx/422xx Yes  
STM32L43xxx/44xxx Yes  
STM32L45xxx/46xxx Yes  
STM32L47xxx/48xxx Yes  
STM32L496xx/4A6xx Yes  
STM32L4Rxxx/STM32L4Sxxx Yes  
STM32L4P5xx/Q5xx Yes  
Stm32L5 STM32L552xx/562xx Yes  
Stm32WB STM32WB50xx/55xx Yes  
Stm32WL STM32WLE5xx No